A Little History

Originally from Phoenix Arizona, Jon moved to Seattle Washington in 1994. Coming here for an advertising job in the graphic design field, Jon blew it off to live the life of an artist. Living in SoDo Seattle he became a muralist for the bar scene. Mostly painting murals within bar bathrooms for a fee of bar tabs.

During this period he started bartending for 5 years while maintaining his painting. At the time, the internet was on the rise. In order to keep up with Joneses, he had to figure a way to show his art work. With little money, he picked up an HTML starter book and built his first site on a Macintosh Performa 6300 - thus starting the life of a coder. Although when he was 10 years old, he did program in Basic his first video game programs on the TI99/4A.

After five years of bartending, Amazon.com had a starter office above the bar where he worked. Many of his co-workers quickly jumped on the dot com train. Jon eventually quit his bartending job and took up a development job with his newly found skills at Go2net.com, thus starting the path that he is on.

Jon's Shtik

Living in the great Northwest, Jon loves the outdoors. From hiking and skiing to scuba diving in the Northern waters.

As an artist and a creator, Jon has many projects he is currently working on. It's just the time that keeps him from doing so. All the little side adventures he does along with the planning, leaves little time to finish these projects. One of these projects is a novel in progress. (Well, who isn't writing a novel now a days?) But he figures it will be quite a few years before it gets out.

So, if you seen him carting about... say hello. Or better yet, buy him a drink at the local watering hole and he can tell you stories that you wouldn't believe. After all, stories do make the person - and he does have wild and crazy stories so people say.